Anti sybil-detection

Protocols that are planning airdrops aim to do everything they can to identify and disqualify connected accounts. At GemDrop, we are heavily focussed on anti-sybil detection and are continuously adding new mechanisms and features, to eliminate the chance of disqualification. Interactions with both the GemDrop Platform and GemBot AI leave no unnecessary on-chain traces, making it impossible for protocols to distinguish us from genuine users.

With GemBot AI, transactions are carried out in a completely random manner for each user, including the protocol it interacts with, the volume, and the number of transactions. As a user, you can personalize the ranges of activity and volume you want to achieve.

As a user, the only thing you need to take care of when using GemBot AI is funding your wallet from any centralized exchange or a wallet unassociated with other accounts on the platform.

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