Q2 2023:

- R&D

- Establishing contacts with experienced individuals to devise appropriate strategies and task selection

Q3 2023:

- GemDrop Platform release with 4 integrated chains

- GemBot AI Telegram bot release with 3 integrated chains

- Launching referral program

- Subscription model creation

- IDO (End of september)

Q4 2023:

- Listing (early October)

- Integrating new chains and dApps into GemDrop Platform and GemBot AI

- Developing new strategies

- New product - GemWallets: Allowing the purchase of wallets with a certain volume generated on major protocols. Wallets that generated $50-150k in volume can be purchased at a low cost.

- Further improvements to the platform and bot, introducing new strategies and chains

Q1 2024:

- Release of GemTrade bot, telegram bot that allows to buy&sell assets

Q1-Q2 2024:

- Release of LiquidGem bot, a bot that will automate and optimize liquidity providing strategies on Uniswap V3

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