Frequently asked questions

What is GemDrop?

GemDrop is a tool created in cooperation with the best analysts, it allows you to easily and quickly perform tasks for the hottest airdrops, all in a few clicks!

It consists of two products:

GemDrop Platform - An aggregator platform for major airdrops in one place, allowing you to interact manually and securely with multiple protocols on networks like Layer Zero, Linea, Zksync, and many others.

GemBot AI - A Telegram bot that, once set up, will autonomously perform transactions across multiple chains, using various protocols and mimicking human actions.

When will the product be live?

The GemDrop platform will launch at the end of September, and the GemBot AI Telegram bot will be released in October. Updates will be made od daily basis

Is it safe?

The GemDrop platform does not store private keys; you perform all tasks manually, and we simply provide easier access to them.

GemBot AI will securely store private keys using encryption through a Hardware Security Module (HSM). No one, neither us nor you, will have access to them. It's important for you to independently store your private keys in a secure location. We are continuously enhancing security measures and collaborating with top auditors and developers to ensure safety.

How to become a partner?

The partner system will allow you to receive your referral link. If you register someone using it, you will receive 30-50% of the revenue, and the referred person will get a discount! This applies to both the GemDrop platform and the GemBot AI bot.

How to Become a Partner:

You need to demonstrate dedication and have a built community. We don't have specific guidelines; we grant partner status on an individual basis. You can submit an application through the appropriate department. Remember to check Twitter messages; we will contact you through it to verify the authenticity of your application.

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